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Installation instructions

Studied for decorating and insulating of internal and external walls it is light, easy to handle and to apply. After application, the panel can be painted with water paint or water-based varnish. With an affordable price and saving labour costs, it’s suitable also for DIY application on small or large surfaces.

How to install the panels?

No specialized labour is required for the installation: with a few simple steps anyone can easily apply the panels. You can shortly create a wall with the desired dimensions very similar to a real stone wall or a wall with a rebuilt faux stone.

How to cut the panels?

The panels can be cut in the desired size with a cutter or simply with a hand saw. The most demanding and equipped people can use any kind of table saw (dry or with water).

How to fix the panels?

The panels, whole or cut in appropriate sizes, can be fixed to the wall or surface with any quality tile glue or our Fixcem for an excellent and definitive application. Alternatively you can use our special Installation Glue in convenient cartridges.

On other types of support, such as plasterboard, wood, PVC, sheet metal, aluminium and others, in addition to the specific glues, you can use screws or fixing dowels.

For application on old tiles, we recommend using our special Silanic Glue.

Hide the visible joints !

To obtain a beautiful and uniform surface and eliminate the joints that connect one panel to another, you can use our Putty for panels that will allow you to fill in any cuts or edges and also the heads of any fixing screws.

Do I have to paint the panels?

Yes you have to paint the panels for the untreated versions with any water-based painting such as washable painting or quartz painting. Otherwhise for the covered versions you have not to paint because our panels have an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and wheatering even for the outdoor installation.

For a better result you can also use our special Finishing product that improve durability and resistance.